Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My trip got off to a harried and hurried start. Being the plugged in person that I am, I printed out my boarding pass at home thinking I would save checking-in time, but the scanner for home printed passes was out of order, so I had to get in line like everybody else. Trouble is, my plane had already boarded and I was stuck in the slow lane. Finally, I got the agent's attention, she brought me to the front of the line and sent me running for the security check while my name was being called over the intercom. I left my bag on the scale without a tag, knowing that if it got to Tampa at all it would be a miracle. I boarded about 1 minute ahead of the door being locked. Whew! that was close! Sure enough, I arrived in Tampa with no bag, BUT it came in on the next flight about 40 minutes later. Whew! that was close, too. I still am not sure how they knew who the bag belonged to or where to send it.
Mary Ann and Cooper picked me up, Clay is having band camp this week. He's a freshman sax player in Wharton High School's marching band. When we went to pick him up tonight, we got there in time to watch some of their practice. I love watching kids work so hard to be precise in their drills. Watching Ricky march used to make me cry, not sure why, but I did, especially when he was in uniform at a parade or ballgame. It touched this mother's heart knowing all the effort it took to keep lines straight and to get into position. I used to watch Ricky's dad march, too, but that never made me cry. He's coming next week after I leave.
I think I'm turning in early tonight. I only got about 4 hours sleep last night. I'm reading Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father, and understand much better how he came to be such a cosmopolitan character. Several people, after noticing what I was reading, asked me about him. The man seated next to me on the flight from Atlanta, said he's been a lifelong Republican, but he's voting for Obama in November. Bless him! and may his numbers increase!

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