Sunday, August 31, 2008

Even though we're keeping an eye on the weather channel and Hurricane Gustav, we're not feeling the effect of it yet. We've got partly cloudy skies, warm temps, and muggy humidity, nothing unusual there. This time tomorrow will be an entirely different story, they say. I've invited Skip and Helen to come stay with me, but they've decided to ride this one out, as they did Katrina. At least, he's got a cell phone this time. Good luck, Cuz!
McCain brought his dog and pony show to Mississippi today, for what, I'm not sure, other than a photo-op with Haley Barbour. I mean, it's not like he was here to help. What could he do? I guess anything is better than the humiliation of a convention which was being shunned by so many of his fellow Republicans (not that Fox viewers would ever hear about that). What hypocrites!
I've been trying to get to the bottom of a rumor that is burning up the internet today about Palin's baby. Is he really her baby or her daughter's baby? I dunno. I do know that when I saw the whole family on stage at Friday's announcement, the thought occurred to me that it could be the 16 year old Bristol's child. According to school records, she took an extended absence from school for mononucleosis, during the same time that her mother was supposedly pregnant. The women who worked most closely with the governor knew nothing of her pregnancy until a month before she delivered. And this was her 5th child? It could explain why she didn't take a maternity leave and how she was able to return to work only 3 days after the event. Wasn't this scheme on Desperate Housewives? If this turns out to be true, it's a despicable exploitation of a special-needs child, and a damning indictment of her integrity. If it's not true, I'll be sure to correct the record, but there is some pretty credible evidence being circulated.
This morning on FOX, McCain said "I’ve watched her for many, many years..." Let's see, she's been governor for less than two years, so I guess he's been watching her since she was running the school's PTA? He was definitely checking out her butt and fidgeting with his wedding ring when they stood together at the podium on Friday. Here's the clip on YouTube. He also called her "a partner and a soul mate." My, my, my, does this saga get more twisted every day. If I were Cindy McCain, I'd be reminding that old codger of the pre-nup he signed before the wedding.
I think he's decided he really doesn't want the job and is deliberately sabotaging his own candidacy. At his age (72), actuarial life tables say he has a little less than a one in six chance of not surviving his term. Factor in his health problems and it's even worse. Palin's chances of succeeding him as president are disconcertingly high. Polls show, by a healthy margin, that Americans do not believe she is ready to be President. Thank goodness! Now if they will remember this when they go to the polls in November.

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