Friday, July 11, 2008

With all the reading I did on Universalism yesterday, I obviously unsettled a lot of stuff in my psyche. When I awoke this morning, I recalled this dream, or maybe it was 4 separate dreams, but it's very unusual for me to recall so much so clearly. My friend LaRue told me one time that she has known me on more than one occasion to stir up controversy in a group and rather than stick around until the mess is cleaned up, I walk off and leave that unpleasant task to others. Maybe those chickens came home to roost last night. There are a lot of messes here to clean up. Here is the 4 part dream:

I’m babysitting several children. They are all about 3 years old and younger. Parents are in and out of the house picking up these kids and leaving. One little boy has soiled his clothes with his dinner and I need to change him into clean clothes before his mom arrives, but he’s sleepy, so I let him crawl up on the sofa and go to sleep in his dirty clothes.
I’m trying to get a very messy kitchen cleaned up. Several older women are sitting around the kitchen table visiting and I’m wondering why they aren’t helping me with the children or cleaning the kitchen. It’s hard for me to walk around and work because of the way the table is turned, so I ask them to stand while I turn it in a horizontal direction with the length of the kitchen instead of the vertical direction it was in which interrupted the flow of traffic.
Different setting. I’m talking to some people about my dogs, telling them the story of how Jay-Jay came to live with us. We all seem to have dog stories. I walk away from the group to a table where a couple, a man and a woman are seated. They tell me they want Jay-Jay. I immediately start talking to them about Gus, trying to distract them from the subject of Jay-Jay because I’m not letting anyone have him and I don’t want to argue about it.
I’m in another crowded kitchen, this one even more restrictive than the first. A meal has been prepared, not by me, but I’m supposed to clean up the mess. There is barely room to walk between the sink counter and the stove, which is an industrial size gas range, black, with six burners. I’m wondering why these people have taken up all their floor space with this huge stove. There are dirty pots and pans and dishes everywhere. I walk through this narrow passageway in the kitchen to a dining room where more dirty dishes cover the table. “This is too much!” I’m thinking. An impossible task to get all this cleaned. I escape by waking up.

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