Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The water was so cold at the pool this morning. It got down to 62 last night, so I wasn't surprised, but the children who were there didn't seem to be bothered, so I got in and stayed for an hour. Pam and Jean came by and talked to me, but didn't get in.

We've had trouble at the pool this summer with trespassers. Actually, every summer we've had trouble with folks who show up on our private property and walk in like they belong. Gates with combination locks were added a couple of summers ago, but somehow the combinations always got passed out and we had strangers using our facilities who weren't even acquainted with a resident, much less a relative or guest of a resident.

This summer we launched the Rugrat Defense. We've encouraged everyone with children and grandchildren to use the pool often and to let the children have a noisy, messy good time. Nothing discourages interlopers who want to lounge around, listen to music, talk on their cell phones and invite their friends over as much as squealing, splashing kids armed with water guns and flying frisbees. It seems to have cut down on the gatecrashing.

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