Saturday, July 05, 2008

I've spent most of today on the computer. I got inspired by the picture on LaRue's Xanga site of her granddaughter with Jesus, and fully intended to try to do something similar with a couple of my pictures, but I got sidetracked. I had a couple of dreams to work on so I did that instead.

In looking for the dream sites that were referenced in our workshop, I came across this website - The Psychology of Dreams, Myths, Dreams, Symbols, a Jungian Perspective. Several videos of Joseph Campbell are included, so I watched those, also the documentary about Carl Jung.

For anyone interested in learning more about dream interpretation, I would recommend the material on this site, but be warned, the Joseph Campbell videos have more about Buddhism than Christianity. He approaches dreams with a universal understanding of mythology. The Hero's Journey is my favorite series and if Campbell is new to you, I suggest you start there. You will recognize the Star Wars theme throughout.

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