Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I put the sign up in the yard at Madison and it's resulted in a few more calls, but not nearly like it's been in the past. I did say I was going to take my time about getting another renter, didn't I? I may not have any other choice.

I've got a trip planned to Tampa next week and will be gone for a week. I'll probably just let Mike field the calls while I'm gone. I haven't decided when I'll tell him I'm leaving, but it probably will not be until the day before, maybe two days before. I'm trying to arrange for help with the dogs while I'm gone with a neighbor who does dog-sitting for a living. Art said he will do the morning duty, but she will need to do a late morning, mid-afternoon, and early evening walk.

Jean's breathing tube was removed today and she came out of sedation. It didn't take long for her to start talking and laughing with everyone. I was afraid she would be disappointed that she woke up still on earth and not in heaven. She tells the story about going to bed one night fully prepared to die. This was a couple of years ago when she was still suffering with shingles. She put on her black negligee, fixed her hair, made up her face, determined to be beautiful when Pam found her. She went to sleep that night after praying that God would let her wake up in heaven, convinced that her time had come. When she woke up still in her bed in Rankin Co, Ms, she said she was totally pissed. So I half-way expected the same reaction when she found herself in the hospital.

Evidently, Heaven just ain’t ready for Jean yet.

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