Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm amused when my Republican friends rave and rant about Obama's resignation from Trinity UCOC, calling it politically expedient and coldly calculating. They obviously don't know that McCain, who calls himself a Baptist, has been a life-long Episcopalian and has never been baptized by immersion. Now how many Baptist churches do you know of that grant membership to anyone who has been merely sprinkled and not properly baptized? Yes, his wife is Baptist and he does attend her Baptist church frequently, but a Baptist he's not. Yes, the membership rolls of Baptist churches in this country far outnumber those of Episcopal churches. Who's being politically expedient?

Pro-life advocates want to keep the abortion issue alive, but according to the surveys I've seen they're outnumbered in this country almost 2 to 1, so I don't think they will succeed. No one who is Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion, and to try and portray Obama that way is disingenuous. He believes, as most of us do, that reducing poverty and improving education will do more to eliminate unplanned pregnancies than attacks on Planned Parenthood and smear tactics. As long as Pro-Lifers so easily dismiss the death and destruction of pre-emptive warfare as "collateral damage," and refuse to sign on to life enhancing universal health care, especially for children, their high sounding title is a misnomer and their hypocrisy is plain for all to see. How can we take seriously anyone who claims to be Pro-Life, but cares little for the needs of disadvantaged children after they're born?

The thinking of the younger generation, which has become so politically active during this campaign, is more in line with Obama's. They don't buy into the emotionally-charged divisive issues as readily as their elders. They generally don't fault candidates, including McCain, for supporting stem-cell research as their parents and grandparents do. And they're totally fed up with the obfuscation and outright lies of our current president, a so-called "born-again Christian." This grandmother fears he's given all Christians a bad name.

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