Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We woke up to a puddle of water in the kitchen floor and a freezer on the fritz. I stored the meat in my neighbor's fridge and cooked all the veggies, cleaned out the rest of the refrigerator, changed the water filter, and now I'm trying to leave the door closed and let it start cooling again. I did everything the owner's manual said to do, but made an appointment for a repairman to come just in case it doesn't. Sears Repair said it would be June 5th before they could come, so I called a local repair shop, which gave me a Thursday the 29th date.

My feet are killing me. I've been on them all day and they're just not used to that. I didn't get to the gym this morning, so I'm feeling kinda stiff all over. My shows are back on, so I can get my political fix tonight. I'm looking forward to that.

Something else I'm looking forward to - Skip is coming tomorrow. Fooling with the refrigerator all day, I didn't get nearly as much housecleaning done as I'd hoped to, and if it was anybody but Skip, I'd worry about it, but he'll be okay with it just the way it is. And if he isn't I'll teach him how to do what my daddy used to say about me and my messes - "she waltzed right by it like it wasn't even there." (There's a country song in there somewhere.) Maybe we can sit down at the pool, drink wine, watch the sunset, and talk. That's the plan; hope it doesn't rain.

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