Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Dream Group met again this morning with our paid facilitator. We went over the basics of confidential groups and laid the ground rules for our group. We plan to meet only once a month, which is not frequent enough to suit me, but it's better than nothing. Weekly meetings can be too demanding, as I found out when leading the CoDA group, but I was hoping we could meet every other week, at least. I'm not getting nearly as many dreams lately that I can remember long enough to record. I need to reset the TV so that it doesn't turn on automatically every morning; nothing kills a dream like the TV coming on. Okay, that's done; I reset it to come on every afternoon at 4:00 for Hardball.

I missed my favorite political shows yesterday, so I've kinda been in withdrawal this afternoon, not able to find any commentators that I know and trust. MSNBC doesn't cover politics 24/7 like Fox does, but the videos from yesterday's programs are online, so that has sustained me. I have watched Fox some, but their bias is more than I can tolerate in large doses. I was trying to find out about HRC's stupid remark about the RFK assassination. I discovered that she said a similar thing in March in a Time Magazine interview. How did I miss that? By not reading that issue, that's how. Keith Olbermann ended Friday's Countdown with one of his Special Comments. If you haven't seen it, go there and watch it. She finally articulated what I've suspected for some time, but didn't dare express. How many people are expecting Obama to be martyred? What is it with these folks from Arkansas? If something does happen to him, I think they should look there first.

The wedding I went to last night was for a couple in their sixties. Sweet. And there were some humorous moments, too. One was when we recited the Lord's Prayer. At St. Philip's we've used the contemporary version for the last couple of years, so the traditional version, which we used last night in deference to our guests, was a little rough. It sounded like we didn't know it. Some of our choir members got the giggles about that, me included. The other light moment came in the Post-communion prayer for the couple, which everybody was reading from the program. Our secretary failed to edit out the names of the previous couple for whom it was used, so when we got to that part everybody started giggling again. Rather than "bless Elizabeth and Bob," it said, "bless Jordan and Chase." The people who didn't have programs must have thought we were the silliest, most irreverent bunch of church people they ever encountered. Oh well, Jordan and Chase probably needed to be blessed again anyway. I'm sure it's not the first time the good Lord has heard giggling during prayers.

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