Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't you just love those days when all 8 cylinders are operating smoothly? I've had that kind of day, and they happen so rarely that I have to stop and just be thankful. I wish I knew how to make them happen more often, but the secret eludes me.

After a perfectly gorgeous spring day, we've had rain move in ushered by plenty of fireworks. The thunder has Jay-Jay in panic mode and the forecast is for it to last throughout the evening. As long as he can sit, sometimes lie, directly under me, under my desk, he's fairly calm, but when I get up, he begins pacing. I'll try not to move around much. ("Keep me safe 'til the storm passes by," several renditions of this old Mosie Lister hymn on You-Tube, but I particularly like this one by Ben Speer.)

McCain finally dumped Pastor Hagee today, but not without taking another swipe at Obama in the process. No word on whether Rod Parsley is next. Parsley is the leader of something called the "Patriot Pastors," and he advocates, among several extreme measures, the criminal prosecution and imprisoning of adulterers. How does he square that with his support of McCain, who, by anybody's definition, was an adulterer when he cheated on his first wife with his current wife.

So McCain gladly accepts support from a guy who would put people like McCain in jail? Strange. He also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, much to the dismay of some. He does not support a constitutional amendment protecting marriage, he said.

10 pm update: McCain has now rejected the Parsley endorsement, too.

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