Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ascension Day Evensong came and went with good performances on most of the pieces, the anthems all sounded good, the psalms and responses could have been better, but considering that our priest is quite challenged in the "holding the pitch" department, we did pretty well. (If you heard the Pope chanting the Mass at Yankee Stadium, it sounded quite similar to the way our beloved padre does it.) At least the choir didn't outnumber the congregation tonight, last year it did. The Altar Guild hosted a cookout/picnic before the service which helped some, but not everybody who came to eat came to the service. Jean's son and daughter-in-law were here from Birmingham and they came.

I've volunteered to care for Art's dogs while he's gone all week-end playing golf. I don't expect to have trouble with Paden, his Pomeranian, but Sophie, the cocker-spaniel, doesn't like me, so if she goes out with me, I'll be surprised. She and Gus don't get along, at all, so I'll have to do his and mine separately.

I'm getting really weary with the squabbles in the Democratic party. The system we use to choose a candidate needs to be changed. We should be way ahead of McCain in the polls, but we're running practically even. Maybe some more of the super delegates will go ahead and declare and put a stop to this madness. It's the only way I can see to prevent the party from self-destructing.

Here's the cutest thing I've seen today. Benji had this picture of Pip on his site, so I lifted it. He's watching a motorcycle. A gear head in the making?

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