Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're having another cold snap here in the Deep South, in fact, there is a freeze warning for Monday night. Makes me glad I haven't planted any spring flowers yet. The high here today was in the 60's with beautiful sunshine, pert near perfect!

It was Good Shepherd Sunday at our church, so all the scriptures and most of the hymns and anthems were based on the shepherd theme. We did one of my favorite Rutter anthems, "The Lord is My Shepherd," accompanied by oboe and organ, really gorgeous. (Art: The Good Shepherd by Bernhard Plockhorst) After church, I went to Stewpot to serve lunch to about 100 hungry people, a first-time experience for me. St. Philip's provides the food and the servers on the 2nd Sunday of every other month. There were 4 other volunteers from our church and we could have used 2 or 3 more, but several of the people who came to eat pitched in and helped, so it got done. The meal consisted of Chili Mac, green beans, fruit salad, a slice of white bread and a chocolate chip cookie with iced tea to drink.

Pam and Jean went to Pensacola this week-end to visit Pam's oldest son Philip and his family. Without them there to go to Amerigo's for lunch, I decided to go to Stewpot, rather than come home alone and feel sorry for myself. Mike was having a Bub Day at Margarita's, which means he got sloshed. He'd been home about an hour when he fell, and I had to get Art to come help me get him to his feet again. I put his name back on the prayer list at church today. He's consuming way too much alcohol, especially for a stroke patient. Dear readers, your prayers will be appreciated, too.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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