Monday, April 28, 2008

I got word through Mike that two of our friends have been studying Bible prophecy and decided that Obama is the Antichrist. "But don't tell Cathy," they said, "we know how she feels." He laughed when he told me, like it was a funny joke. Oh, by the way, these are the same friends who threw gasoline on the charcoal grill when the fire wouldn't start.

I took a deep breath, I smiled, I took another deep breath, I counted way past 10, then I went about my business, marvelling at how deeply threatened some people are by the prospect of having a president who is so different from them. I feel sorry for them. What can I do but pray for all who feel threatened by this gentle man?

Thanks to MSNBC, my contemplation was interrupted by the Reverend Wright's appearance at the National Press Club. Then the talking heads begin their sensational commentary. "He's going down! He doesn't stand a chance! Wright is an albatross around Obama's neck! His campaign is sunk! Clinton will clobber him! McCain will clobber her!" And the band played on.... with Dubya leading the band. Geeez! (Photo from CNN)

The Gallup Poll has Obama and Clinton in a neck and neck race. We've got about 4 months to go to the Democratic Convention in Denver. If I'm going to have any sanity left by election day, I need to turn off the TV. I'm fast losing my appetite for politics. Maybe I should study Bible prophecy, or learn to read tea leaves.

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