Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a hard week for me. My attention has been demanded from way too many sources and I've spread myself too thin to do anything I've attempted very well. Tuesday morning started with a phone call from Betsy, who needed Sis to take her to the ER with a kidney stone. We were there 3 or 4 hours before they confirmed what she suspected. Then we went to Walker's for lunch.
I had just gotten home when Skip arrived. We visited here until Mike began to get sloshed, then he and I left for supper at Newk's. By the time we got back to the house, Mike had retired, so we enjoyed more conversation here. It was Tuesday (Election Day) night and I was anxious to watch Hardball, Countdown, etc., but didn't turn it on until I went to bed at 11:00. By then, I was too sleepy to keep up, so I missed most of the coverage of Mississippi's Primary. If I had it to do over, I would have turned on the TV, but muted the sound. At least, I could have watched as the returns came in, but all the data is distilled in Weds. and Thurs. papers and it's all over the internet, so I really didn't miss the important stuff. And how often do I get the chance to visit with my favorite cousin? NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!!!
Wednesday started with a movie that Skip brought for me to watch - Strictly Ballroom, and I loved it, but I would have enjoyed it even more without the barrage of phone calls that kept interrupting us -

1) My renter in Madison had plumbing problems
2) The AC repairman wanted to do a 3 month follow-up to a call I made in Dec.
3) The Comcast Cable man had a new cable box to deliver and hook up
4) The Weds. lunch group called to see if I were going with them to the Beth Israel Temple's Bazaar for lunch
5) Bath Fitter had an appointment to give us an estimate on the work we need done in the master bathroom
It was a totally crazy day! The dogs were nervous, on edge, and noisy, but we watched the whole movie between these interruptions and I loved it. If you've ever done ballroom dancing, you realize right off that competition dancing is very restricted and allows very little room for creativity. I never competed when I took ballroom lessons, but I dated a champion dancer who was often flustered, but just as often fascinated, by my unconventional twists on conventional moves. He had always been so focused on the rules that it left little freedom to explore other possibilities.
And there you have the essence of this beautiful and funny love story, "Strictly Ballroom." If you liked Moulin Rouge, you will love this movie done by the same writer/director. Why had I never discovered this movie? It's only been out since 1992. Thanks, Skip, for sharing it with me.
Last night was choir rehearsal with an extra 30 minute sectional for the ladies' parts in Et Resurrexit from Bach's B-minor Mass. We're doing it on Easter Sunday. It's a very difficult piece, and I need several more rehearsals to do it with confidence, but alas, the time is nigh. I guess I'll just have to devote a couple of hours to woodshedding it on my piano at home.
By the time I got to the Lacy's for dinner, I was so tired, but I did have fun and enjoyed a delicious meal. Today I went to the gym for only the second day this week, then came home to a hubby who gets grouchier with every passing day. He tells me no one loves me as much as he does. Man! That didn't help my feelings a bit.

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