Sunday, February 17, 2008

We had a storm last night for a couple of hours, so Jay-Jay didn't let me sleep until the thunder-boomers died down. He allowed me to hold him close to me while he trembled, something he usually won't tolerate, but he had about worn himself out with his pacing and panting. He finally went back to sleep curled against my stomach, and I did, too. Church time came much too early, it seemed.
After studying the dream I had of the wild, mischievous children, I believe it was a depiction of the young carefree parts of my personality that want to play (be messy, irresponsible) and I was trying to control them without much success. Skip, who has been a wise, father-figure, counselor to me for several years, was telling me to let them play and that whatever messes they created he would help me clean up. In other words, I'm going to need help resolving some of the issues involved in allowing uninhibited "playtime" for the wild child/children in me. Hope you're up for this, Cuz! It's about time you made another trip to see me, don't you think?
I got some more Mardi Gras Party pictures from my friend Jim Carrington, (thanks, Jim) some where the wild child side of me is very obvious. At 61, I'm just glad she's still kicking. See what I mean about our choir being short of "spring chickens." Yes, that's Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and John Travolta in front.
The closest thing we saw to a "spring chicken" that night was "Disco Duck," our most irReverant Father Tom Slawson himself.
And if you want to see the whole set of pictures, go to the slideshow on our church's website. I've got a few posted on my Flickr site, too.

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