Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This has been a fun, fun day - water aerobics at Total Woman, lunch with the Water Lillies at P.F. Chang in Ridgeland, choir rehearsal tonight. Wednesday is fast becoming my second favorite day of the week. I was disappointed to learn tonight that a rehearsal was held last night that I had no notice about. Since I'm only doing 3 chorus numbers, I couldn't tell I missed much. I think it was more for the solo, duet, trio acts. I probably couldn't have been there anyway since I was tied up with the gas company in Madison until almost 7:00.

It was an exciting day in politics, too. John Edwards dropped out of the Democratic race. Rudy Guilliani dropped out of the Republican race. Too bad we can't fast forward to next January and inaugurate Obama. Save lots of time and money if we could. I just hope he has a Democratic majority in both houses or reasonable Republicans who will support him.

And I hope Steve Holland is there to help him. If you haven't voted on the poll at the Cotton Mouth Blog for Steve, do it now. Contributions can be made online also for Steve's campaign. Contribute to, volunteer for, and support the candidates who can get us headed in the right direction. Our grandchildren will thank you.

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John Leek said...

Thanks for sending folks our way!

(I write at Cotton Mouth)

I love the Molly Ivins quote.

- John