Monday, January 21, 2008

Mondays aren't usually as good as today was; this one I've enjoyed from beginning to end. Mike was being extra nice after I gave him an attitude adjustment last night. (He had been so bad. I'll spare you the details, but if I'd had the pepper spray with me he would have got a face full, and I told him that. Instantly improved attitude!)

Then I made some calls regarding the rent house. And I had a very sweet conversation with my neighbor who had the day off. After that, I went to the gym, and then to lunch with Pam and Jean. We had a delicious meal at a small Chinese restaurant that I hadn't been to in several years. Mike and I used to go there after church every Sunday when we attended St. Peter's.
I made an appointment with a couple to get the rent house cleaned, but then found out that some friends of ours are interested in renting it. For these friends, I would waive the deposit if they agreed to clean it themselves, and they might do that. Still no decision from them. We're supposed to meet tomorrow.
I went shopping after lunch at Lowe's to buy a "For Rent" sign to post in the Madison yard, then started looking around for ideas for the renovation we plan to do here. I'm seriously considering putting most of our budget into updating the master bedroom and bath. We've got a hall closet that we could take in and double the space for that bathroom, maybe even move the laundry in there (where all the laundry is generated, DUH!). Taking in our useless balcony could add about another 50 square feet. Rather than a master bedroom, we would have a master suite, maybe even put a morning bar or mini-kitchen in there. Rewire the cable for HDTV, add a new flat screen HDTV, a new recliner...
OK, you've probably figured out where I'm going with this. Not only will it add to the resale value of this house, but it will give Mike a place to spend most of his time and I can have the rest of the house to myself most of the time without having to listen to his garbage! Why hadn't I already thought of this?!?!

It was a most inspired day!

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C J Garrett said...

from Rick:

Sounds like a plan that could work just fine. :-)

hope your day is another good one today.
luv ya.