Thursday, January 17, 2008

George and I met at Islamorado Restaurant in Pearl for lunch. It's located in the Bass Pro Shop, and offers a wide variety of fish and seafood. I had clam chowder and salad. He had BBQ'd Salmon. Wonder if that's popular anywhere but the South?
I always enjoy talking about Plantersville people and experiences with George. With just the few years of difference in our ages, he knew a whole different group of people growing up than I did. I learn something new and interesting every time we talk. We're both watching Steve's campaign closely and hoping he is elected.

There are a couple of new items on Steve's website. I especially liked this part of the Babb article: Once while speaking at Ole Miss, Holland was asked why he was a Democrat. He shot back, "Because I was raised in a Christian home." The slide show has some good pictures, too.

After lunch I went for the hearing test. Just as I suspected, I have no significant hearing loss and the Beltone hearing aid does not help with the kind of tinnitus I have. I did learn a couple of new words that describe a component of my disorder - hyperacusis, and maybe misophonia. For those of you who want to know more, it's here.

The testing was done at the Miss. Hearing Health Center by a B.C. HIS (Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist). I asked about acupuncture, LaRue, and Dr. Dubrino (Ph. D) said some people have had limited success with it, as well as sublingual Vitamin B12. Of course, I started googling as soon as I got home and have decided to try this first. I'll probably ask my doctor before I order it to be sure there are no contraindications.

Tomorrow is Mike's 58th birthday. I'm taking him to lunch. He said he wanted to go to Ryan's, but after I told him about the BBQ'd salmon that George ate today, he said he wanted to try that, so I may go back to the Bass Pro Shop, which is okay with me. Lots of things on their menu I want to try.

Happy 1st Birthday also to Cyrus! Sure would like to see some pictures, Tarah.

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