Friday, December 28, 2007

As if this bad cold were not causing enough suffering, I woke up this morning with "lie bumps" on my tongue. Quickly, I reviewed the things I've told that might have been so willfully wrong as to merit severe punishment, but couldn't come up with anything I considered serious enough. I did recall a couple of things I probably should have lied about.

Google pointed me to more information than I really wanted to know about this malady, but I did find a couple of remedies I intend to try. The easiest would be ice. The second easiest would be a salt water rinse. Then if those don't help I'll try the "Magic Mouthwash," a mixture of equal parts of Milk of Magnesia (or Maalox) and liquid Benadryl.

The culprits most frequently cited for this nuisance are SWEETS and CINNAMON, two things I've enjoyed this Christmas more than usual. So long to the Wassail and the Little Debbie's. I shouldn't have enjoyed you nearly so much.

The funniest thing I've seen today is on our rector's blog . Give it a listen and see if it doesn't make you LOL. Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!

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