Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're having the kind of weather today that I hope to have for Christmas shopping, but with the temperature a few degrees cooler. It's been drizzling rain all day long, so after church and then lunch at China Buffet, I put on comfortable shoes and did a little shopping, but not for Christmas. The crowd at Wal-mart was so thick, I immediately lost my enthusiasm for schloggy shopping, decided to cut the fun short, and go home to take a nap instead, something else I enjoy doing on a rainy afternoon.

Our guest organist did such a better job today than I would ever have done. I'm so glad I declined that opportunity. It would not have gone nearly as smoothly with me on that bench. Ben Tomlinson is a superb musician who facilitated a reverant worship service without calling undue attention to himself. Good choice, David, for whenever you are away!
The more I think about playing the pipe organ, the more trepidation I feel. It's inspired more than one bad dream in which I make a total fool of myself, so as much as I like the idea of being able to do it, I have to admit, I'm not willing to do the work required to master that art. Even though playing with both feet was not that difficult, the one and only time I tried it, my hands were totally lost when I tried to use them with the feet, like they were trying to communicate in two different languages. I think the right foot was using the electrical circuitry or neurotransmitters normally used by my hands, which left the hands without a clue, not knowing what to do, totally dumbfounded. Maybe in my next life...

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