Friday, November 23, 2007

Mike and I enjoyed our trip to Memphis and the visit with Benji's family while we were there. Poor Pip has a bad cold and was cranky most of the time we were there, but there were some sweet moments, too. My favorite was watching him while Benji read a storybook. My other favorite moment was watching him and Bella sing along with a video. The child, so far, is much more expressive as a singer than a talker. I have a feeling that once he starts talking, he will have plenty to say.

Phin is still more comfortable playing computer games than socializing with a bunch of adults, and I can't say I blame him. There are times I feel the same way. Maybe it's a Sagit- tarius trait. He and I have birthdays coming up next Friday. Happy Birthday, Sweet Phineas! I hope you enjoy being nine.

Benji and Karen are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project. Still, she and her mother managed to turn out a superb meal in far less than ideal conditions. Benji imported his dad from Gulf Shores to supervise the installation of the new IKEA cabinets, and they wasted no time in going back to work on them after lunch. I know Billy had much rather have been watching the football games, but there is no TV at this Borden home, except for watching DVD movies. Maybe he got to see some ballgames after they returned to the hotel.
I enjoyed seeing Richard. He's heavier than I would ever imagined him to be, but I'm sure he could say the same about me. He's still got his cute dimple and those beautiful brown eyes. I told him about the reunion in Plantersville and all the old friends who asked about him. He wished he'd known about it, he said, he would have gone.
Billy and Mamie drove up on Weds, bringing with them a practically new Ford SUV that was recycled from their car rental business. Benji and Karen were terribly excited to get such a nice vehicle with enough room for their family of five, and at such a reasonable family discounted price. Benji took me for a ride in it and showed me both the CBU campus and the Creighton campus where he teaches. With classes at both schools plus an online class (or two?), he stays very busy.
Our dogs spent the day at home with my neighbor Art in charge of walking them. Gus wouldn't cooperate, he said, so he spent the day in the house. Jay-Jay, on the other hand, was used to going with Art since he did it the week I was in Tampa. I forgot to tell him that the magic word with Gus is "Yippee!" Gus gets so excited when I get the leashes, jumping high and yelping. It didn't take long to learn that my saying, "Yippee! Yippee!" is all it takes to get the leash on him, that, or a piece of chicken. He would follow the devil himself for chicken.

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