Friday, November 30, 2007

Around 9:00 this morning I got a computerized call from AT&T, checking to make sure I was satisfied with the service I've received in the contacts I've had this week with them. I made sure to let them know I didn't blame the agents, but that I was dissatisfied with the company.

After spending the morning at the gym and having lunch with Pam, I came home ready to get back on my computer. Still no green light. With it being Friday, I didn't want to take the chance that something would go wrong, then have to wait until Monday for that to be corrected. My confidence in "the new AT&T" was at zero, and my last ounce of patience was gone, so I made another call.

The service rep I got today quickly gave up on satisfying me, and transferred me to a manager, someone who could actually type in the codes to restore my internet service, regardless of where the service order was in queue. After about 30 minutes and one more transfer to a technician, I was back in business. In the meantime, I listened to more of the distorted music while on hold. And I know my service record looks nothing like it did before this happened. I need to have call waiting removed, and my employee concession added.

A customer should not have to go through the kind of hassle I've been through to get service re-established exactly as it was, especially if it is disconnected in error. "The New AT&T" still has a long way to go in providing the quality of service for which they became famous years ago. Customers have too many choices these days to tolerate trouble like I've had.

Something has to change.

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