Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some of the more interesting articles I've followed on the internet this week include the Barna Report concerning the decline of the organized Christian religion in America in the years to come. Seems the next generation has had it with our churches' hypocrisy and in-fighting. Are the chickens coming home to roost? (Art by Nicola Leader)
Then there is the speculation about that unannounced Democratic candidate Al Gore, especially now that he's won the Nobel Peace prize. I think he would be a great president, I would definitely vote for him again should he decide to run, I think a Gore-Obama ticket would be unstoppable, but I just can't see him ever wanting to rehash the 90's or compete again with the Clintons. I'm afraid the race would get awfully ugly between him and Hillary. He's too smart and he's fallen out of love with politics, so I just don't think it will happen. Admittedly, the most gratifying remarks I've read or heard are from those who now regret their support or celebration of the Supreme Court decision in 2000.

What? More chickens?

Another retired general spoke out this week against Bush and the catastrophe called the Iraq war. "If some of America’s political leaders were in the military they would have been relieved or court-martialed long ago," Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez told a gathering of military journalists.

No question which side of the fence the chickens are on here.

If you need your faith restored in the "kindness of strangers," watch this video, or at least, listen to the audio. Amazing! And if you haven't checked "organ donor" on your driver's license, please do that ASAP. Thanks to the Bryant Park Project for this inspiring interview.

No chickens in that story!

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