Saturday, October 27, 2007

My brother Paul has started his own blog. His writing has always been humorous, so reading his stuff is always lots of fun. The link to his new site is in my sidebar. Skip has one, too, but last I heard, it's not road ready. Benji has several websites, but the only blog I know about is the one for his students. Are there others? The link on my sidebar to his picture site is worth a click. His eye captures scenes that escape most of us. Laura is blogging on the NPR site under Bryant Park Project. Are there other websites in the family I don't know about? Just send me the link and I'll add it to this blog. And speaking of Benji's pictures, here's the latest published picture of The Pipster.

Even though George isn't family, he is a P'ville native and a good friend, and he's been posting great old photos over at The Plantersville Connection. If I get really ambitious today, I'll put most of his new pictures over on the "Good Game, Buddy" site. If you've been there lately you realize it's not had anything new added to it in several months, but it is a good place to see old pictures of Plantersville folks without having to scroll through page after page to find them. There are a few good essays, and I would love to have more, but the response to that site was underwhelming.

There was talk one time of a CDF website for The Town of Plantersville. Did that ever materialize? My friend LaRue has been too busy to blog lately, but every once in a while she does here. If there are other blogs or websites with family or Plantersville connections, send them to me and I'll include them in my links on the sidebar.

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Zoilus said...

We went to the "Boo Out" at the Memphis Zoo last night, and this photo is from Pip riding his first ride "alone" (I was four feet from him). He was fine, although a little worried-looking, and was eager to get moving until the yellow torpedoes went six feet in the air and starting going around the base. He stood straight up in his seat (the seatbelt was a plastic chain that held nothing or no one in place) and starting screaming, "No no no no noooooo!"

They stopped the right, I tried to reseat him and get it going again, but he stood up the second time and that was the end of his first "big boy" ride.

He really enjoyed the train that goes around the zoo, though. While in line, he kept patting my head (he was on my shoulders) and whispering "train train go go go go go."