Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Is there nothing on your radar these days but the controversy in our church and its bishops?" I was asked tonight by a choir friend who checks my blog about once a week. "What happened to all that outrage about Bush and the war? Did you see where he vetoed the bill for increasing medical benefits for children?"

Yes, I did see that, but was I surprised? Not one bit. I've never seen a president so out of touch with the majority of people he supposedly leads. At the same time he's asking Congress for $200 billion more to continue his war in Iraq, he's vetoing a healthcare program for needy kids here at home that costs just a small fraction of that.

It will take only 15 Republicans to join with Democrats to override that veto, if they can find their backbone and stand up to this warmonger. I'm sending our senators and representatives a message to stand up for basic decency. What a pity that we have to remind them to do what they were elected to do!

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