Saturday, October 20, 2007

I went to Jean's brunch this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. We started with mimosas in the courtyard, then after a half hour or so the six of us went in and ate a delicious meal of scrambled eggs, cheese grits, wild rice casserole, sweet orange rolls, baked fruit, and Halloween cookies. At 86, she still cooks and entertains like a pro. WOW! Color me impressed! She's very inspiring to me.

One of her guests reminds me of Maxine. We met her at the gym, she's usually in the pool at the same time we are. A retired school teacher/principal from Virginia, Tommie is a Democrat and is not reserved about voicing her opinion. She says her son won't let her hook her computer up to the Internet because she would get in trouble with Homeland Security for sending threatening emails to politicians with whom she doesn't agree. Needless to say, I always enjoy talking to her.
I gave Jean the picture I painted for Mother, the one she liked more than any of the others, with the big sun and trees and birds. It has, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray," printed on it. Mother had it hung over one end of her bathroom mirror at one time, and said it made her smile first thing every morning when she saw it. Jean has hung it on her screened-in front porch, and can see it from her dining room. Being more folk art than fine art, it goes well with the casual wicker furniture. I hope it makes her smile, too, every time she sees it.

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