Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Skip just called to say he's coming by Friday on his way to Atlanta. He will have granddaughters Lydia and Grace with him and they will take a break here, have lunch, maybe a swim, before heading once again toward their mamas. Grace was only 6 or 7 when I saw her last, she's 11 now, and I've never met 2 year old Lydia, or is she 3? I had a premonition earlier today that I would see Skip soon, so I was not too surprised when he called. He's had the girls since Saturday and says they're wearing him out. Believe me, Cuz, I understand.

Those bad Borden boys are 62 today. Robert was at the reunion with wife Jackie, but not Richard. They're not nearly as chummy as they were in their young years. As children, we never saw one without the other, inseperable twins, if there ever were any! Double trouble, my father called them. They did have a reputation as mischief makers, mentioned by a friend at the reunion who said it was a good thing Richard and Robert never went to summer camp with us, they would have torn the place apart. For all his faults, I'm still glad Richard was the father of my children, but I must say, the term "Borden Boys" got a much needed cleanup when my two came along. That doesn't sound too biased, does it?

In reading about Leo characteristics (I'm still trying to figure out what it was that appealed to me) I found this interesting list:

Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving

but on the dark side

Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant

My daddy was a Leo, too. Yesterday was the 99th anniversary of his birth. I see more of him in these traits than Richard. But Richard had those dreamy brown eyes and that cute dimple when he smiled...

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