Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why do I always feel saner after talking to Skip? Not only is he my favorite cousin, but he's also a good friend and counselor. No one accepts me totally the way he does without judgement, without interference, without lecturing. He's like a new and improved version of Daddy, a father-figure who sees me as a grown woman with adult needs and problems, not as a darling daughter in need of protection from the cold, cruel world. My most unconventional thoughts are safe with him; my life is richer with him in it. Thanks, Skip, for being here as often as you are and for being who you are. The only thing that would make me happier would be an increased frequency in your visits. And yes, I know the highway runs in both directions. Maybe I can slip off to Folsom the next time I need an escape from my mate's madness. You wouldn't mind if I brought Gus and Jay-Jay with me, would you? I'll make sure they're not sick when I come.

Speaking of sick puppies, mine are still harking and coughing. When I cooked hamburgers for lunch and they didn't come to the kitchen begging, I knew they were still feeling very poorly. Gus had a really rough night, spent most of it under the bed. I was hoping to see improvement in their condition before now, but have learned since then that it takes several days.

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