Monday, July 09, 2007

Thunderstorms and nervous dogs, they go together at my house. Last week it was thunderstorms, fireworks and nervous dogs. I'm loving this rain, even though it cut our pool time short this morning. I wonder how much rainfall deficit remains, not the 17" they reported last week, surely.

I had a very pleasant Sunday except for the little while I had to put up with the petulant Mr. Hyde side of Mike's Dr. Jekyll, who had been to Margarita's for a Bub Day with Jon and Trish. Katey, one of his favorite trainers from the gym, was also there, so in addition to drinking too much, he also sat in his car listening to music with Katey after lunch. Maybe she was trying to make sure he was sober enough to drive. Katey is 22, much too young, cute and smart to get involved with someone like Mike as anything other than a friend. He seemed terribly flattered that she was interested in hearing the CD of his old band. I just hope he didn't make a fool of himself.

I'm glad I have diversions of my own to help keep my mind off my husband's problems. Sometimes he is like a stranger to me. He's nothing like the man I married, that's for sure. He probably says the same thing about me. Since he had his stroke, I feel much more like "nurse to a stroke patient," or "mother to an adolescent," than wife.

In sickness and in health, isn't that what we promised? I still love him, but it's nothing like the love I felt 15 years ago. I was so hoping that our relationship would grow and be enriched over the years. I think we wrung most of the good from it early. I used to say divorce is not an option because he was on my medical insurance and due to his health problems, could not get insurance elsewhere, but now that he's on Medicare, I don't have to worry about that. If I have to endure one more blistering tirade of temper after he's been out drinking with his buddies, I'm leaving, for a few days, at least. I went out driving and shopping yesterday while he cooled off. He called several times and left apologetic messages, but I didn't answer my phone until I was on my way home.

Betsy and I had lunch at Sun Koon, then I went shopping at Steinmart and Michael's. She has again decided she likes the Episcopal Church more than the Methodist Church. After moving back to Gardner St., she tried to get used to walking across the street to Broadmeadow, but just wasn't comfortable there. Whether it was the indifferent attitude of their Choir Director or their theology or just what it was that disturbed her, I'm not sure. So she's back at St. Philip's. I hope this time she stays.

I couldn't believe she came home from New York without an autographed copy of Sarah's book. She read most of it while she was there and really liked it, she said. They are planning a trip down here in October. By then, I will have my own copy for Sarah to autograph. Maybe they will be here when we have the Goat Roast at St. Philip's.

I've gotten a couple more replies back on the "Just for Fun" survey I sent out. My brother's made me laugh out loud. He's really a great writer.

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