Saturday, June 02, 2007

This old lady is more confused than she realized. We drove to Richland to pick up Pip yesterday, only to discover I had the wrong day in mind, AGAIN! It was supposed to be Saturday, not Friday! The next time I tell you to send me an e-mail with the dates listed in black and white, Benji, I hope you realize I seriously need it. It was such a let-down, coming back home with no Pip. Oh well, we get him today and keep him until Weds. when we meet Benji and Karen in Memphis.

Mamie has weened him off most of the junk food, so our second tour of duty should be quite different from the first. We'll see. Mike has promised to leave the house if the baby noises begin to rattle him, and not try to outscream him if he's pitching a temper tantrum. I'm hoping Mike sees and understands how juvenile his tantrums are, and how much he acts like a two-year old sometimes.
The other change I'm making is that Pip will be sleeping in his bed this time. I've got it set up where Benji always puts it when they're here. With the white noise and no TV, he should do much better in sticking with his regular sleep schedule.
Betsy reports that Richard is back in the hospital after a scary episode on Memorial Day. He had quit taking his meds and began to behave in a dangerous manner, so she had to call 911. Remember them in your prayers.

Which reminds me, George posted a picture on his site that I like even better than the first one he posted a month ago of the same occasion. This one includes one of my very best friends Jane Parker. She and I had a "falling out" when Mike and I began dating in 1990 and we have not been close since then. I've really missed her, too, and have not had another friend I've been as fond of as her; one of those major losses in my life that still hurts to recall. You will have to click on George's site to see the uncropped picture.

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