Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally! Something besides 4 lb to celebrate! Staying off the scales for a couple of days, I was rewarded with a 5.4 lb loss. I just got tired of not seeing progress for a week. We're supposed to go to a party tonight, I've got to be careful not to over-celebrate.

I'd really rather stay here, same sentiments I posted last year on the same occasion. I ate and drank too much then, and probably will again tonight. I wish Benji's family were back from the coast, so I'd have a legitimate excuse to stay home, but they're not due back until tomorrow afternoon.

I worked over an hour in the heat to replace the wire mesh on the screen door I want Benji to hang for me when he comes. I got pet-proof screen this time. We'll see if it's Gus and Jay-Jay proof. The storm door I had on the front last year needs new screen, too, but I'm waiting for a cool morning on the deck to do that. I would really like to paint the wooden frame on the back door with a decorative design like the one I had a few years back, but Mike thought it was tacky. I may do it anyway. It was the best way I've found, yet, to warn visitors that "an artist lives here," so they are not shocked when they come in and see art projects scattered around in various stages of completion. My decor is somewhere between shabby chic and country Bohemian, or as Mike calls it, "tacky," but it's comfortable for all who live here, those with 2 legs and those with 4.

I was awakened much too early this morning by a cat fight right outside our bedroom window. Mick came in with a scratch across his nose, and my day started about 2 hours before I wanted it, too. I made up the deficit with a 2 hour nap, though, so I'm hoping that gets me through the evening. Now if I could get the chest and arm pain to subside, I'd feel much better.

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