Saturday, June 16, 2007

Both of my sons are on the road today, Ricky and family to New Orleans and Benji and family to my house. Travelling mercies, please Lord, for my precious family members. Ricky's crew decided to ride the chartered bus with the other church members, so I won't see them until they come back to MS in July for Mary Ann's family reunion. Benji won't get here until around suppertime, so I've got all day to put finishing touches to my housecleaning. They are on their way to the coast for a few days and are planning to stop at my house again on their way home, maybe stay for a couple of days.

Mike is meeting Bonnie at Border's for a Father's Day coffee and dessert visit this afternoon, so I'll have the house to myself for a while. For some reason housework is so much easier to do with Mike gone. He left around 6:00 this morning to help with a marathon being co-sponsored by St. Dominic's Rehab. That he volunteered to help really surprised me, but being so early in the morning, I'm sure it appealed to him when a later event would not have. He handed out water at the 1-mile marker point with a couple of his therapists and their children, and seemed to have really enjoyed it. He got himself up, dressed, and out of the house without disturbing me, so I got to sleep until after 8, a rarity around here. By 8:30, he was back home.

I seem to be stuck at the 4 lb lost level, but I didn't exercise much yesterday. After seeing the cardiologist, I went for my mammogram, then to McAllister's, then to Kroger. I was tired by the time I got home. Mike was with me all day, he's been terribly concerned about my chest pains, so accommodating him in addition to everything else just zapped me.

It's overcast and 80* at noon, a good day to exercise. Maybe I can talk Benji and Karen into walking the 1 mile to the Mexican Restaurant and back with me tonight. Our walking trail takes us right across the street from it and Pip would enjoy the stroller ride. We could walk off our supper. If they don't want to do that, I'll fix sandwiches or grill hamburgers. The chopped sirloin I use, when cooked on the Foreman grill, is mostly fat free, and with whole wheat buns, fat free mayo, fresh tomatoes, etc., they're not too unhealthy, quite tasty, in fact.

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