Friday, May 11, 2007

Just in time for Mother's Day, I got this gem in e-mail:

Most of us would agree that a mother's job is priceless. But the folks at take time every year to figure out how much the actual work is worth. This year, they say the work of a stay-at-home mom would command an annual salary of more than $138,000. That's up about 3 percent from last year, but not as much of an increase as employers predict for their workers: 3.9 percent.

For working mothers, the amount is put at more than $85,000 this year. That is on top of any money earned in the workplace. Much of the theoretical salary, by the way, is figured on overtime. "Mom works multiple jobs and rarely gets a break from the action, working an average of 52 hours of overtime," said Bill Coleman, senior vice president and chief compensation officer at, in a press release.

According to the survey, stay-at-home moms work a 92-hour work week while working mothers logged 49 hours, or nine hours more than their formal workweek. By the way, Mother's Day is May 13 this year. Order your flowers TODAY!
Even though I no longer have the job of mothering anybody but my hubby, and he can be the biggest baby of all sometimes, I thought these figures were terribly impressive. I've often told Mike if he had to hire done what I do, he would appreciate me more. And anyone who knows me knows I do as little as I can get by with. He thanks me more now than he used to.
I hope all you mothers feel appreciated this Sunday and that you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

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