Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clay and Cooper get out of school today. Yeah! I remember the exhilaration of that feeling of freedom. What a thrill! And now I'm getting excited about going "back to school" for the P'ville reunion in July. They have a busy summer planned with camps, ballgames, and a family mission trip to New Orleans to work on recovery efforts. Congratulations to Cooper, who made the All-Star baseball team!

We have a picture of the growing 4 week old puppies, with the contrast quite evident between the bigger puppies and the littlest one. Jenny, the bottle-fed baby, hasn't gained any weight for the past week or so, not sure what her prognosis is. They're getting crushed puppy food mixed with goat's milk, but are still nursing, which is declining as they get their teeth.

We still have not located the bulk of pictures that Cecil took during park years. Gloria had one album which came from Carol Jean and has made its way to a CD and posts on George's blog. Some of those are in an album on the Good Game, Buddy! site too. But there are more, so if anyone knows their whereabouts, please tell me. I have volunteered to scan them for a CD to be used for a video at the reunion. Other people have pictures that could be used, as well. Among my own pictures, I've found more than I realized I had. This one shows the building where I attended 1st-5th grades.

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