Thursday, April 05, 2007

One of the scraps of paper I collected while in Tupelo was a receipt with Jane's email address scribbled on the back. Until it turned cold again, I had no idea what I'd done with it. I found it yesterday in my black wool blazer pocket. I guess that's what she was talking about when she appeared in a dream I had recently. "You're going to lose that," she said. I tried to recall from the dream what she was talking about, but I never could. Anyway, I'm glad I found it, and if you're reading this, Jane, yes, I'm just as scatter-brained as I ever was, probably worse now than ever.

Gloria sent some gorgeous photos of carvings done by a chainsaw artist of oak trees lost to Katrina on the coast. I still don't know who the artist or the photographer is but this is my favorite shot of the ones she sent. New life from that which was dead, a striking metaphor just in time for Easter. Thanks, Madam Mayor!

We gave David the bouquet of gift cards last night. They were arranged in a vase with palm fronds. He was genuinely surprised and pleased. His house and lot, I discovered, back up to Betsy's next door neighbor's lot. The house is really cute, looks like it was recently renovated. I hope he enjoys it for years to come.

Mike just called from Tire Depot. He had a flat on his way to the gym, and he can't find his debit card. Gotta run.

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