Monday, March 19, 2007

Some of the more unusual email I opened today included a link to the Rev. Albert Mohler's blog. His March 2 posting has caused quite a stir in certain circles. Seems he has been considering, of late, the possibility that homosexuality may indeed be caused by genetic factors. I say, "good for him!" It's about time. For those not familiar with Dr. Mohler, he is the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. As interesting as the initial blog was, equally thought-provoking is his reaction to all the feedback he got, which he posted on Mar. 16. Since every angle of this issue has been covered elsewhere, I'll not expound on the subject today, but I recommend it to those who are interested.

Another intriguing article from the L.A. Times says "We live in the land of biblical idiots." This March 14th opinion column is being discussed on one of my favorite email forums HoB/D (House of Bishops and Deputies of the Episcopal Church). Since this has been one of my few complaints about Episcopalians, I was glad to see the problem being taken seriously. Coming from a Sou. Bapt. background, I was shocked when, in an adult Sunday School class, people had to look in the index to find the book of Romans. Some didn't know if it was in the Old or the New Testament. That's one of the reasons Episcopalians love to get converts from the Baptist church, we are so thoroughly instructed with Bible study. Faithfulness in giving and attendance are the other two qualities they much admire in us, sometimes awarding us with instant status as serious Christians.

Paul Krugman, in his NY Times column writes a response to Time Magazine's recent cover of Ronald Reagan with a tear rolling down his cheek. Don't Cry for Reagan encapsulates the problem that has evolved from the conservative movement to the Bush Administration.

Obviously, I'm doing more reading than writing today.

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