Thursday, March 22, 2007

Our House of Bishops issued a resolution this week rejecting the ultimatum they were given last month following the Primates' meeting in Tanzania. It took moral courage and spiritual fortitude to block the surreptitious actions of the dissidents. They made me proud anew to be an Episcopalian.

The whole plot to undermine current leadership in TEC (The Episcopal Church) was revealed by the Washington Post back in 2004 when they published a letter by one of the ringleaders, outlining exactly what steps each parish should take in dissociating themselves from the "apostate TEC." I think this group is terribly confused, not just about TEC and its heritage of diversity and via media (the middle way), but also about God, the Bible, and Christianity in general.

I'm reminded in the midst of this controversy of my "God Box." From my perspective, I, and many others, see one thing; they and their followers are seeing something entirely different from where they stand. Yet, it's all the same box. Episcopalians have traditionally celebrated these different views instead of fighting about them. I think it's sad that our conservative element now wants to invalidate completely the views of the more moderate and liberal groups.

The issue over homosexuality is the primary point of contention, with our election of a female Presiding Bishop being the straw that broke the camel's back. We're nowhere near agreement on the injustice of patriarchy or the cause of gayness, and we may never be. But, as one contributor on the HoB/D forum said, "As Christians do we reject, ostracize, persecute as unholy 'other oriented' people until scientific evidence is conclusive? Or do we err on the side of grace, compassion and welcome? I would rather stand before the Great Judgment Seat of Christ and apologize for the latter."

"I pray that none will be offended if I seek to make the Christian religion an inn where all are received joyously, rather than a cottage where some few friends of the family are to be received." -- attrib. Richard Hooker

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