Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our coffeemaker quit last week, so we've been drinking instant Folger's for several days. That's as good an excuse as any to spend a few hours wandering around Walmart, don't you think? or Target? A tightwad like me does much more looking than buying, but we definitely need a new coffee pot, so that's how I'm planning to spend at least part of my day. I'd love to have one like Mary and Dave have, a Hamilton Beach Brewstation; Jill gave it to them last year for a Mother's/Father's Day gift. It makes great coffee and there's no glass carafe to wash everyday. I could probably find one online, but that doesn't satisfy my need to touch and handle and read the box like store shopping does.

Rain is forecast for mid-day, with thunderstorms possible. I need to be at home with Jay-Jay then, so I'll wait til that's over. I'm ready for some rain, this pollen is about to get me.

I'm losing a good renter this month. Betsy got her house on Gardner St. back and is planning to move back to it by the end of the month. Danny hasn't taken very good care of it, but it will be cathartic for her to clean and reclaim it. The hardest part will be the back yard where his junk shed, an old car and three dogs have resided for several years. I'm so glad she didn't sign away her claim to their property, most of the equity is hers, so she deserves to have it. Congratulations, Sis!

I didn't get very far with housecleaning yesterday, maybe 10% of all of it, but that's ok. As long as we're not having company, I'm comfortable with it. My sinuses told me to quit stirring up so much dust, so I quit after a couple of hours. Cleaning chemicals don't help with the allergies, either; I probably should order some of Don Imus's Greening and Cleaning products, or call in a maid service. I did get most of the death claim forms ordered.

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