Friday, March 30, 2007

Father Tom's post from Song of the Bird by Anthony de Mello deserves to be shared again. I have this book, but somehow with these single posts, I'm seeing these vignettes with new eyes. Trying to read the whole book at once left me with a larger dose of spiritual medicine than my system could possibly digest. Taken one at a time, they're very profound. Thank you, Tom, for sharing these.

His post of Monday the 26th gives a good description of all that happens during Holy Week at our church. Kinda reminds me of the old week-long Spring Revivals we used to have in the Baptist Church, without the meals. As organist, I was frequently invited to enjoy the hospitality of the different church ladies who cooked for the preachers and the musicians. At some point, the custom changed to meals in the fellowship hall provided by the different Sunday School classes. Even though the food was still great, it didn't have the warmth and charm of the meals served in the individual homes.

There is an effort underway at St. Philip's to form a supper club. It's for people who enjoy entertaining in their homes. As much as I enjoy going to others' homes for meals, I don't enjoy preparing meals for others. I'm much too self-conscious about my limited cooking skills, my small tacky house, my grouchy husband, my noisy dogs, any excuse will do. Just thinking about all the work involved gives me palpitations. That's probably the reason the revival meals became joint projects for Sunday School classes to serve at the church. Thank God, there are still people who consider casseroles and congealed salads to be fine cuisine.

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mornin' said...

Cathy, I remember that you are a wonderful cook. You've always known what ingredients would blend well and your dishes were always my favorites. Some that I remember: red beans & rice, a doctored-up maccaroni & cheese and bar-b-que chicken (and I don't normally like that). BTW, just call me white trash; casseroles & congealed salads are some of my favorites. >grin<