Monday, February 26, 2007

The report from LaRue regarding their Beth Moore simulcast on Saturday is impressive. Over 150,000 women participated in different locations. That represents a lot of God-power, but also a lot of she-power, Sistas! Way to go!

In a single sentence in Sunday's NY Times, Laurie Goodstein neatly summarizes The Current Troubles in the Anglican Communion: "The liberals are saying, 'Can’t we all just get along,' while the conservatives are saying, 'Can’t we all just get in line?' " Anybody out there not sure which side I'm on? I didn't think so.

I got as far as seeing Jennifer Hudson win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar before falling asleep last night. Her story as an American Idol reject going all the way to the top so quickly is really exciting. I don't normally have much patience for celebrity stuff - I'm sick to death of hearing about BS and ANS - but Jennifer Hudson is talented, well-grounded in her faith, and not ashamed of her voluptuous Size 12 body. You go, Girl!

Mike went to Ron's for lunch, then they were planning to watch a John Mayer concert. It's so nice and quiet while he's gone. We're going to Memphis on Thursday to see Benji and family and to keep Pip while Benji goes to Atlanta and Karen goes for a job interview at Christian Brothers University. Please keep us in your prayers, as I had much rather make this trip by myself, but my hubby insists on going with me. Since he is maintaining his sobriety, maybe it won't be so stressful. We'll have to board the dogs though, and thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday and Friday. I hate not being there for Jay-Jay. Maybe the vet will give him a tranquilizer.

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