Monday, February 19, 2007

The party pictures are on our church's website. Enjoy Jim Carrington's work, he's a great photographer. I posted my few pictures on my Flickr site. Mike and I missed the JSU Jazz Band which played from 6-7 pm. Dressing him and me took more time than I realized it would. I should have started earlier.

The conflict that rages within the worldwide Anglican church has centered primarily on the controversial stands taken by America's Episcopal Church. A big pow-wow took place this week-end in Tanzania that brought rival factions together in an effort of reconciliation. The dissident minority boycotted part of the meeting after our female American Presiding Bishop was included for key committee membership. One even refused to take communion with her at yesterday's worship service, on Amazing Grace Sunday, no less.

The sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury was powerful, I thought, and can be read here. Even though the Archbishop has no authority to rule the ins and outs, the bishops seem to expect him to take one side over the other. What I got from yesterday's sermon by the Most Rev. Rowan Williams is that it's time for them to open their eyes to the injustices of the 21st century. I pray they all do eventually.

I wish they could welcome, love, and serve all like we do at St. Philip's. It was gratifying to see the broad diversity of God's children who enjoyed the party at our church on Friday. Our Sunday services are not quite that diverse, but we're working on it. From glory to glory...

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