Monday, December 25, 2006

It's the middle of crunch time for the choir. Christmas Eve service came off without a hitch until the very end when a bass pedal on the organ got stuck. The orchestra we had was first class. The choir's music made David smile after every song, always a good sign (he even swooned after one), and he had been in such a foul humor. James (pictured on the left) did "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," and Harry Belafonte's "Long Time Ago in Bethlehem." My reading from Isaiah was as good as any I've ever done. Plantersville was well represented on the night's program with Jerry McWhorter serving as one of the Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and me as a Lector.

On Weds., we have an abbreviated rehearsal, then a choir appreciation dinner given by David. On Sunday, we're doing a Lessons and Carols service, then on Jan. 6 the Epiphany Service. It's probably good that our choir members are mostly older with family obligations behind us. The few young singers we have are single, or married without children. Those with children still at home start out with good intentions, but always drop out.

I talked to Skip yesterday and he's planning to come on Thursday. He's spending today with son Jonathan. Helen called yesterday morning, thinking he had already driven to my house, very annoyed with him because she couldn't get him on the phone. He doesn't have a cell phone and doesn't want one. My suggestion that Santa give him one for Christmas annoyed her even more. Evidently, she's tried several times to convince him he needs one, so have I, to no avail. She's in Denver with daughter Lillian and grandbaby Julia. Everything in Denver came to a standstill last week with a record-breaking snowstorm, which probably accounted for some of her crankiness.

More later...

Currently, it's 42* and raining. Any wonder I like cold rainy weather for Christmas shopping? It's typical Christmas weather here, really puts me in the mood for tramping from one store to the next, even with crowds. Oh well, maybe next year.

I talked to Benji and Ricky this morning. Clay and Cooper were into the full swing of their new games and toys. Benji's crew will do their Santa on the 27th in Mobile. They were picking up Bella and Phin at noon and headed to Aunt Pat's tonight for Christmas Dinner, then on to the other grandparents. I'm expecting them here this weekend. Mary Ann and her boys will be spending a few days in Gautier with her sister and plan to connect with Benji while he's in Mobile.

(Picture added on 12-30-06, made with Benji's new camera? His dad is in the middle of the back row. His sister Jenny is the 2nd from the left sitting on the sofa. Ok, this is all of them: front row, l to r: Cooper, Pip, Phin, Clay; 2nd row: Charlotte, Jenny, Mary Ann, Bella; back row: Benji, Mamie, Richard, Karen, Billy.)

It was Ricky's turn to stay in town for Christmas holidays, in case of emergency at his office. Not sure when I can get their gifts to them, maybe Mary Ann can make a short trip up here while she's at Lori's. Maybe I can make a quick trip down there.

Lunch at Betsy's house was delicious and way too filling. Within about 30 minutes, my head was looking for a napping pillow. I didn't get but about 5 hours sleep last night, so the nap was longer than usual. Both puppies curled up with me and kept me warm. I felt like I could have slept until tomorrow morning with no trouble at all, but Mike woke me up for his afternoon arm exercises.

Tomorrow we celebrate our 14th anniversary with lunch at the Edison Walthall downtown and probably a movie. It's been a wild ride, these 14 years with Mike, times when I was sure I made a mistake in marrying him and times when I was so glad I did. But isn't that how most marriages are?

Get well wishes to Tara who broke her foot on their stairs yesterday. She's 8 months pregnant, and has 2 year old twins, and a cast on her foot, poor Baby! I hope her nanny is available for extra hours, sounds like she needs lots of help. Update on Tara: she didn't break her foot, just a toe. Whew! That was close, Sweetie, be careful!

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