Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Skip just left and Mike is due back from the gym soon, not much time for blogging today. We've got several errands to run this afternoon including getting shu flots (flu shots). Skip gave me a beautiful piece of North Carolina pottery for my birthday, and left several CD's full of pictures for me. I'll post some of them later. Having him here for a visit was the best gift, though. I really love my cousin.

I haven't heard any more from Benji and Karen. I hope, by now, they've ironed out all their wrinkles. Ricky called last night to let me know they're leaving on Weds. afternoon and will arrive here on Thursday after spending the night at a friend's house about half-way. This is turning out to be a great birthday.

Update: Benji is back at home. I don't know the details, nor do I want to, but he sounded calmer and more optimistic than yesterday. That was reassuring to me. My assessment of his emotional state last week was accurate, he said, "I'm happy 95% of the time, Mom." That sounded better than average to me, enough to make the other 5% tolerable anyway.

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