Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mozart's Solemn Mass is behind us for awhile, thank goodness! I always enjoy singing it, but I also feel relieved when it's done. We were blessed with a string quintet accompanying us and Adam on the organ. Mikes recorded it, even though there were a couple of deviations that will raise the eyebrows of those familiar with the score. David said 5 measures were skipped in one place, not sure where that was, must have been in one of the interludes. At some point, I thought I heard him hum an organ part that was missing, maybe not. Anyway, when the audio links are posted on the church's website, I'll post them here, too.

Skip is supposed to come tomorrow. He's on his way home from Asheville, where he spent Thanksgiving with his daughter Margaret and other family. He's spending tonight at Bill's in Atlanta, then plans to stop here tomorrow night. I've invited George and Carole over also. Since we're all Democrats, it will be safe to discuss politics. I politely restrained myself from mentioning the election to Billy while at Benji's. He's smart enough to have abandoned Bush by now, but if he has, he didn't mention it.

Rick's family will be here Thursday for my birthday and for Deanne's wedding next Saturday. Look for more pictures soon. The digital camera has so many features and the software offers so many options that it will take much study and experimentation to master it. Photography is fun again. Hooray! Thanks to my sons for the great birthday gift!

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