Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mike has a 9:00 appointment with his hand therapist that I have to go with him to, new at-home exercises I'll have to help him with. She wants to show me how.

We had a slow steady rain all day yesterday, then gusty wind and thunderstorm last night. Jay-Jay was pacing and hyperventilating so badly that I shut him up in the bottom drawer in the wardrobe next to our bed. He seemed not to mind. It was darker and less noisy in there, I guess, his own private storm shelter.

I didn't go to the store, so not much cooking got done. I still had soup in the freezer from the last batch I made, so we ate that. Today we're out of everything. Rain or shine, gotta go today.

I got sweet messages from both sons yesterday. That's unusual - both on the same day. I tried to upload one of Ricky's photos that he sent from their weekend in Dallas, but couldn't get it to work. Don't have time now to figure out why not. More later.

8:45 pm. Ok, it worked this time, not sure what I was doing wrong. I thought this shot was exquisite. Ricky is a pro with the artist's eye.

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