Friday, October 13, 2006

It was 48* when I took the dogs out this morning, high today should be about 72*. We still have not seen any significant rain this week, even though there have been showers all around in neighboring counties. Skies are clear today; no more rain predicted until Monday.

My horoscope has cautioned me all week about unfortunate circumstances. With today being Friday the 13th, maybe I should just stay in the house. I'm not usually very superstitious, but since I fell on Tuesday and had headaches every day, believe me, I'm being more cautious.

I added a couple of links to this blog, one to Benji's pictures and one to George's Plantersville site. I changed this site to public, rather than private, to see if it gets more traffic. I also added an email feature that allows posts to be sent directly from the site.

The discrediting of the Kuo book has already started. Just like Bush, his fans find it almost impossible to admit they made a terrible mistake. I'm not surprised. If they would just read this book, or the Woodward book, or the new Colin Powell book, maybe they would see the light.

6 hrs. later. I had to stop this morning and go find Jay-Jay, then fix lunch, go to the nursing home, the bank, the grocery, the post office, the wine store, all the normal Friday afternoon errands. Mother was asleep in her wheel chair when I visited right after lunch. She woke up and gave me a beaming smile when I kissed her on the forehead. Her appetite and swallowing are better this week, the nurse told me. I forgot to ask if they're serving smaller portions to her as I suggested.

Mike and Ron went to the fair this afternoon. I reassembled his wheelchair and put it in his trunk, so Ron could push him around the fairgrounds. Man! Am I glad those wheelchair days are past. He really has come a long way since his stroke. They were planning to go to the car show at the Trade Mart, then walk around and see the sites, and eat supper at Costas.

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