Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Cards are the champs! First time since '82. I tried to generate some excitement in Mike about it and his response? "Well, to quote one of my favorite philosophers, Bugs Bunny said, don't take the world series, you'll never get out alive." It took me a minute to get that joke, too.

The Little Engine that Could came to mind when they named Eckstein the MVP. At 5'7" he never let his small size deter him from going all the way. That's the part of sports that I really like, the human interest stories that pull on the heart strings. He's had so many opportunities to be discouraged and a lesser man would have quit along the way, but he just kept plugging. I hope he enjoys that brand new Corvette, he deserves it. (Photo by Elise Amendola/AP)

In that other contest that claims more of my attention than baseball ever could, some good news for the Democrats - contributions are increasing significantly, especially from the business sector, as more and more voters voice their support for a turnover in Congress. I just hope corporate donations don't corrupt them like it did the Republicans.

Mick spent last night outside, and it got cold. I made several attempts to get him in but he was nowhere to be found. Opening the door for the dogs this morning, I was greeted by a grouchy kitty. He came in and fussed for five minutes or so, hopped up on the piano to get to his food bowl, then settled on Mike's lap for some petting. One funny little black cat.


Zoilus said...

I am very excited that the Cards won it again, even though I wished I'd seen at least some of it. Such is the life here in no-teevee land.

On the upside, I do get a lot more writing done when I don't have access to cable teevee. I guess the trade-off is worth it.

C. J. Garrett said...

from Rick:

Way to go Mom! Eckstein was definitely the "Ecks-factor" during the series. He was Mr. Mighty Might for the Cardinals which resulted in being named the MVP of the series. We wanted the outcome that we got, but sure wanted those other two games to be played. After Little League and AAU end in a couple weeks, we'll be going thru withdrawals I'm sure......well at least me and Cooper anyway. :-)

Cooper and I spent nearly 5 hours at the ballpark yesterday.....and Cooper wasn't ready to go home! The boy loves baseball almost as much as me. :-) Incidentally, he played in his first AAU Doubleheader a week ago Sunday and had a great day: 4 for 6 with 2 doubles and 5 RBI. He also had a putout in Right Field when a batter flied out to right.