Monday, August 28, 2006

Mike has an early appointment with his hand therapist this morning and the Bio-Ness sales rep who has the new e-stim equipment that the clinic is buying. Mike will be their first patient to use it, and he's volunteered to be the guinea pig while his therapist learns to operate it. He's excited about the possibilities. I hope it makes a significant difference.

His company did not come yesterday, he ate lunch with them instead. They, obviously, preferred conversation over mindlessly staring at the boob tube. I wish he could understand that about other people. Who wants to go to the trouble to visit someone just to sit and stare at their tv? They can do that at home. Must be an only-child thing, my mother had a similar attitude about entertaining and conversation. They grow up talking primarily to themselves, and don't learn to communicate with other people very well. It's that civilizing influence of siblings that the only child never gets.

Rain is predicted today and I hope we get it. My plants on the front patio are about to die. For some reason, I lose interest in watering them during the dog days of August. There is no outside faucet on that side of the house, so carrying water to them every morning gets old quick. They were so pretty in May and June, July not so much, August fagedaboutit!

I'm thinking seriously of switching to the new blogger format at the first of September. I'm still not sure if everything will transfer, so I may just start a new one, do this thing in 6 month increments. I wish a site meter were included with the new format. I'm not real satisfied with the one I've got. I finally figured out that the hits I was getting from Byram were my own. Why Byram? Why do my log-ons appear as hits from Byram. I dunno. I set the darn thing to ignore my own log-ons, but the times corresponded to my own times to the tee.

According to the horoscopes, conditions are favorable for Sagittarians today:

The Sun is in Virgo, Moon is going from Libra into Scorpio. Friends give you encouragement, assistance and applause. Soak it up; you're getting even better at what you do.

Your hard efforts to improve your life are finally showing results, dear Sagittarius. And this is just the boost you've needed, as some people set your self-confidence a bit on edge. Just don't let others destroy your vision of happiness. Continue to walk toward your goal and don't hesitate when small obstacles appear left and right.

Four days left to hit the weight-loss goal for Sept. 1. Those small obstacles must be the irresistable items on the No. 1 China Buffet. I told Mike I'd meet him there for lunch. I'll drink water before I go.

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