Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jay-Jay was gone over an hour yesterday, which alarmed both Mike and me. This morning it was Gus. I wish there were someway to track them when they're roaming off-leash and watch where they go. The technology exists but it's not priced for occasional recreational purposes.

Mike's interview went smoothly. Since he's only had 2 NYL cases over the last year, there wasn't much to check. Both of those fell in his lap from existing clients. Thank goodness he has no production minimum while he's on disability leave. He gets to keep his contract, draw renewals, and retire with full benefits. He's also free to broker business with other companies if the opportunity comes along. And enough opportunities have come along to keep us afloat financially, thank you, Lord.

The woman who came for the interview lives a much more affluent lifestyle than we do. I usually feel self-conscious about our very modest home when people come who are used to more sophistication and luxury. I did not feel that way yesterday. I'm very grateful that my tastes were never expensive. I feel blessed to have what we have, to live as comfortably as we do, not to have more bills than we do, not to feel the pressure that modern couples feel to make ends meet. There is much to be said for the simple life.

I talked with Ricky last night about the lot for sale that he wants to buy. He still has not come up with the money, houses in his neighborhood aren't selling as swiftly as they once were, and his boss had a very cool response to his idea of working his current job from Mississippi - lots of obstacles to overcome to get here. It will work out the way it's supposed to work out, no matter how much I want them here. Mary Ann has been looking at house plans, and we hope and pray that it will happen. And with his dad feeling more generous since he hit 60, it could. HIGH HOPES, low expectations - we must remember that.

The lot is next door to Vance's new house in rural Rankin County. It overlooks a small lake, much like Borden's Lake in Plantersville. I thought it was on a gravel road, but when I took Mike out there last week to see it, I realized the road is paved, there is just a short section of road on the way that isn't.

Speaking of Vance, today is his 32nd birthday. I'll send him an e-card. It's also the 8th anniversary of Mother's move to Jackson. Benji sent the cutest picture of Pip last night. It's posted below, separately; I just couldn't wait to show it. More pix at

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