Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I really like the calorie-count website. Today it gave me a B-, maybe because I lost .8 lb since yesterday? Being judged by an impartial, impersonal calculator is not so bad, and it actually gives me credit for walking the dog as a legitimate exercise. Based on my age, weight, lifestyle, etc., it says I'm burning 1706 calories/day.

I'm planning to eat lunch at Primo's today, so I need to be careful. Maybe they have something like a grilled chicken Caesar salad, or a BLT on whole wheat. And no dessert! If it's not raining, and it's looking like it might, I'll try to work in a walk afterwards at Friendship Park. Need to save room for a late supper after choir rehearsal.

2:45 pm. It didn't rain, and it got too hot to walk after lunch, but I get extra exercise credit for grocery shopping afterwards. Lunch with George was fun. I love spending time with people who have interesting stories to tell, especially if they're about people I know. I don't realize how hungry for conversation I am until I get around people who enjoy it. He knows so much more about hometown people than I do, and has kept up with them all much better than I ever did. If his novel is ever published, it will be very entertaining.

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